Thursday, September 4, 2014

We have been busy!

Why have I not written anything for a year?  I don't have a good answer other than we  have been busy with projects and life in general.
We recently rescued a sweet 3 yr old black lab named Marley. Buster, our golden retriever, now has a new best friend. They are only 10 days apart in age, but Marley has gray under his chin. Could be due to his stressed out life.  Those days are over!  He is quite spoiled, extremely well behaved and intelligent.  Lucy the cat was out voted on the entire matter, but has accepted him wholeheartedly. We only had to assure her of her place in the animal kingdom-queen of all. Marley and Buster are the welcoming committee to all our guests and enjoy escorting anyone out walking on the property.
Speaking of property, Jerry has been busy mowing all season due to more than usual rainfall, especially in August. The green grass is a welcome sight this time of year. Any free time finds Jerry on some sort of heavy equipment knocking down trees, moving logs, and last week finished grooming another walking trail/fire lane on the northeast side of the land.
We managed to take a few precious vacation days during the year. We enjoyed travelling and spending time in West Monroe, LA (yes, we visited the duck empire); Jefferson, TX (great antiques and B&B's); Denton, TX (to watch a pigeon race-ask Jerry) and Mari traveled to Chicago in June for a family wedding.
Looking forward to a beautiful fall and continued blessings we receive each day. Stay safe, live each day as best as you are able.

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