Thursday, September 12, 2013

Summer is coming to a close, but for being in the south, we had few scorching hot days. It is a bit odd that early September had the most hot and humid days.  No one missed having a burn ban this summer, either. We are looking forward to a colorful fall season as we did receive plenty of rain in spring and early summer.
The deer have been regular early morning visitors as Jerry sprinkles feed corn around the property. The young ones are the most entertaining as they run and play while the older ones stand ready to take off when they hear or see something that is unusual.
One of our funny stories of the summer was receiving a frantic call from a couple regarding huge spiders.  They sounded terrified. After going to the cabin and asking them to point out the problem, it was a daddy long leg hanging on the outside screen of the kitchen window.  Since this couple was from the United Kingdom, we quickly realized they must live in the city of London and apparently had never encountered such a beast.
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